Ziua 2 TAR 2011

Start la ora 7:00, o etapa foarte grea cu timp limita 11h!
Sis mi-a povestit la telefon ca au trecut pe langa un lac foarte mare!
TEAM ROMANIA             10:20.52,1 ( Silvia si Andreea)
TEAM CARPATHIAN MAN 6:34.03,7 ( Luci si Marc)

prietenie la acest concurs!
Start ziua 2 din Hirschegg
53,2km cu + D2481, -D2913, o etapa foarte foarte grea!
"The stage from Hirschegg to Schruns is the King's stage of the Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run 2011. With its tough 53 kilometers of distance and 2,481 meters of difference in elevation, it poses an extreme challenge where just making it to Schruns within the time limit will be an athletic feat. The best hiking paths and challenging trails lead through an impressive high mountain landscape. With the Allgaeu Alps, the Lechtal Alps and the Verwall group, this stage alone crosses three mountain ranges."

filmul etapei de azi de la start:

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