Ziua 6 Gore-Tex TAR, film si poze

Intr-un oarecare sat!
ziua 6 Scuol, Elvetia
Luci si Marc la startul etapei 6, distingi usor o sapca MPC - Marc si o sapca Sponser - Luci!
diversitatea traseului, azi chei, maine un varf de peste 3000m!
Start Scuol - Mals 2011 GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN
Au plecat din Elvetia si au ajuns in Italia unde vor ramane pentru urmatoarele 2 zile si pana la finish-ul din Latsch.

Cu siguranta etapa care urmeaza, ziua 7 este cea mai grea, asa pare pentru mine si Adi! 2000m diferenta de nivel de urcat dintr-o data si apoi o coborare abrupta si foarte solicitanta pana intr-o alta noua locatie, un nou sat din Alpi, azi vor ajunge in Schlanders, tot Italia.
Coborarea de 2334m -D dupa ce urci pe varful
Rappenscharte de 3,012 m este o adevarata provocare!trebuie sa-si fi pastrat resurse si pentru acest doua zile!
Timpi limita stransi si un timp maxim de parcurgere de 9h. Ma duce cu gandul la traseul de la Olympus Marathon, sus-jos!
Profil ziua care urmeaza, ziua 7
Profil ultima zi, ziua 8, nici ultima zi nu va fi usoara!
Poze ziua 1-6
De la fata locului, despre etapa 6 - echipa Inov-8, vezi blog
Transalpine Run stage 6: 37km & 1,332m climbToday was a tough day of running from Scoul in Switzerland to Mals in Italy. The first 6km were slightly downhill so the plan was to attack the leading Spanish pair. Once we left the village of Scoul Joe surged to the front and we managed a 19.30 first 5km.

As we then climbed out the valley I was obviously suffering from this early speed. I tried as best I could to hang on up the climb but could not stay with the front group. The Salomon pair (Pillip Reiter and Julien Chorier) then stormed past and took up the battle at the front with the Spanish. After Joe had taken my bag for a few km and I got some food I managed to get some energy. We managed to hold things together on the descent and only lost one more place. In the end we were 9 minutes behind and still hold onto 2nd place with a 35 minute gap. That was one of my hardest ever day's running.

Tomorrow takes us through the Rappenscharte at 3,012m but first we have to climb 2,063m and run 21km to get there. Going to be a challenging day."

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